Creative ideas & best results

4.Creative ideas, best results & doing the Math

We not only ask what works, but why did it work?  And is it as good of a deal as it sounds?

By capitalizing on discovering what works, we look to find ways to duplicate success.  We believe that Marketing is part Science, part Art, but if we continue to strive for perfection we can constantly improve your overall image and market share.

We also make certain that the math works... There are plenty of products and services out there where the math simply does not work.  For example, if someone offers to sell a $100 Gift Certificate for your business at a 50% discount, and on top of that they keep 1/2 of the $50 generated... you've just discounted your product by 75%... how many people do you think you could get to "try" your product or service if you offered them that discount directly?